Finding Your Voice

Your agency can give your brand message richness, interest and personality. But for this to happen, there must be a strong mutual respect and understanding of the business goals.

The choice of the right agency, and the building an effective relationship with that agency is an extension and an empowerment of your own marketing department.

It is one decision you won’t want to get wrong. 

While choosing the right agency partners does require a commitment of client time, Empirica will design the optimal process for your business and make the process as efficient as possible.

We will share our deep market knowledge with you ensuring that you meet with the best agency talent for your requirements

We will assist you in scoping the agencies’ roles and responsibilities

We will work with you to provide the agencies with a brief that challenges their thinking

We will help you set the parameters by which agencies should be judged, and assess their responses to your brief

We will make recommendations on the final choice of an agency and help to negotiate the basis of their financial remuneration

We will guide you in setting performance measures and KPIs

But above all, we will help you achieve a ‘fit’ with your future partners. We will look behind the presentation documents and assess the personalities and the thinking, to find the basis for that rapport that forms a successful agency-client relationship.

And we will do this with rigid impartiality.

We believe that Empirica can make a real contribution to the vital task of selecting and building a good relationship with an advertising agency. Our knowledge, experience and insight will reduce the risks in making such a decision, saving you valuable time and money.

We can help you find your voice