A man though wise, should never be ashamed of learning more, And must unbend his mind.

Your media spend is by far the largest component of your brand’s advertising budget. But many advertisers do not know all they should about this vital area of the communications mix. With rapid changes underway in mainstream media like TV and Radio, plus the explosion of new forms of digital media and online communication, it’s increasingly important that an advertiser understands the communication options available and how best to use them.

Empirica offers a training programme called Media Expert that is tailored specifically for your marketing personnel. It provides them with a full and practical understanding of the dynamics of the Irish media marketplace and, importantly, how to get the best performance from their media agency. Your team will learn what every advertiser needs to know about media so they’ll be better placed to ask those all important questions of your media agencies.

Empirica’s Media Expert training course – deliverables:

  • Media-literate marketing personnel, decode of jargon and acronyms
  • Understanding of New Media opportunities
  • Ability to harness consumer/sales focused media solutions
  • Knowledge of how to gain optimum performance from the media agency
  • Ultimately, greater return on your media investment